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Squirrel wants to be a spy.

by TheMask

Final Rating: 5.95. Finished 23 out of 195 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: TheMask

Description: Fantasies of squirrels
with a dream of being a cool spy.

Experience: I​ have​ 5 years experience of working animation.

Time taken: I did take 4days to this animation


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Alejandro Parizia:

Imo one of the best entries this month. Good staging and timing.

Aaron James Mongcopa:

so far the nicest one in 3D animation for this month. good job!

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

I really like the full body motion on the guy when he opens the door. Maybe a slight ease with the door movement would help, but something about it is pulling me in. Great job

ammon parkman:

The actions are great and I think the cartoony style. Top 5 I think.

Try to improve the lip sync on the squirrel. It might have something to do with the mouth rig and or the mesh around the mouth. The inside of the mouth looks too flat. Even with an animal you can get the lips to form phonemes closer to those of a human.


Nice animation, the movement was great, the mouth felt abit weird at times, but its prob because its a quirrel.

Zachary Lussier:

Great job ! Good animation !

Éloise Valiquette:

I really like your animation and your attention to small details like squirrel ears! I really feel the energy of the squirrel when he jumping everywhere.

Simon Côté:

the animation of the guy is so smooth !

Anthony Abou Rezk:

I like this one! The squirrel has a lot of character and I love to see that, just try and improve the part where he jumps from the desk to the chair to add more weight to it. Other than that, great entry and good luck!