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Animator: Alex Park

Description: A spy tries to make his get away only to be stopped by a possible apprentice who is perhaps too eager.

Just a simple play-blast, with the rig playing up due to an ad hoc rig with the prop.

Experience: 1+ years post graduate

Time taken: est 13 days


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Zachary Lussier:

I like your animation. Great work !


Nice idea! Slick animations!

Éloise Valiquette:

Don't forget to remove all the controllers from your Maya scene when you render (there are some left on the gun) otherwise I think that in general you have a good start to the animation!

Simon Côté:

great staging and fluidity :)

Anthony Abou Rezk:

I like this one, it looks nice, try to work on your lip-sync and facial expressions, and maybe go back over a few animation principles to make it better. Anyway , good job!