Final Rating: 6.34. Finished 22 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Jacqui

Description: Credits:

Rain Rig by Blender studio

Resources sourced from Turbosquid:

Kitchen Scene by Marcin Lubecki
Saucepan by 3d_Conjurer
Cutlery by jobdetski
Plates & Bowl by DIBUHO 3D
Door by at1012

Experience: 3 months professionally

Time taken: 1-2 days


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Ben Zingo:

some of the expressions are nice, but it feels like you could really push/polish some of the body language


Very subtle and natural animation

Michael D. Smith:

Nice subtle motion! I would have exaggerated more on the "starving" bit.


I really loved the expressions on the 2 characters. They really helped to sell the animation.