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Animator: Jingle Grigsby

Description: My first submission! Still needs some clean up but I think it's alright for someone who just realized this was due tonight just a couple days ago, LOL!

Experience: Almost 3 years!

Time taken: about 2 weeks


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Jingle Grigsby:

waitaminute this ones mine!!!

Michael D. Smith:

I laughed at this one. The eye twitch from the mom followed by the indignant attitude of the red dude, was so funny.


Mama need some Mac

Ab Harris:


Samantha Koffler:

LMAOO love this idea!!

Maia Bradley:



This is one of the best stories for this prompt. And the look on mum's face is priceless :-D

Coso Cartoon & Comics:

The sense of humor in this clip is perfect. Some timing can be sharpened, but the style still requires its jerky rigidity. This is an animation I would recommend others to see.