Final Rating: 3.36. Finished 159 out of 169 entries.

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Animator: Khushi Rastogi

Description: Rig Luna is animated as voice 1 and Rig Neka is animated as voice 2.
Kitchen and hall scenes are used as background.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 1 month


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Samantha Koffler:

I would love to see this again with the video fixed!! I'm not sure what happened, but unfortunately we're not able to fully accurately judge when the animation's all squished, you know? From what I can see I'm liking your subtle movements, like with the 2nd girl's legs going uncrossed, or the way the 1st girl is gesturing her hand toward her stomach and the bowl.
Hopefully someone can point out a solution and in the future we can more accurately judge--in the mean time keep at it!!


Wrong format prohibits fair judgement

Lauren Campbell:

it hard to see the video its all squished.