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Animator: Rachit Bhayana

Description: Members:
Jasmine Kaur
Muskan Aggarwal
Kshitij Aggarwal
Rachit Bhayana

Experience: Beginner

Time taken: 20 hrs


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Ben Zingo:

reminder you aren't supposed to edit the timing of the audio, just use it as-is, and make your animation work around that


Seems like you added a pause after the "hi".

Jose Velasquez:

Did you edit the audio?


There's some nice story here: we can imagine what the second character will say when she sees what's happened in the kitchen. Nice life after the scene.


audio has been cut short

Coso Cartoon & Comics:

More inbetweens are needed is for a better flow in this clip. And why zoom in at first? What was the idea of it?