Final Rating: 6.14. Finished 33 out of 152 entries.

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Animator: Hacho

Description: zelda is EVIL

Experience: many moons

Time taken: here and there over 4 weeks


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Dario Dominguez:

great motion, i feel that the first character is a bit over animate but great

Michael D. Smith:

Nice use of busy actions!

Ben Zingo:

some nice movement here- but the acting often seems a bit late behind the audio.
The hand movements also seem a bit exaggerated/a bit too much, like you're still trying to act out the whole scene with the hands instead of the hands merely being an extension of the whole body language.

at 90, there's also a weird move where her chest/shoulder seem to crank way back before the rest of her follows

at 138, you could push Zelda's body further into a leaned-back/relaxed pose...her arm is forming a harsh V shape, and her hand pose seems a bit odd. Kind of a pincer shape until she relaxes it and looks at her nails at 197.

overall you have some nice movement, and nice facial animation, there's just a few things that could use polish!