Final Rating: 7.77. Finished 3 out of 152 entries.

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Animator: Gabriela Hernandez

Description: Can't a girl skip her first day in tree top peace?

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 24 days!


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ronda crom:

10 stars here for alla right reasons !!

Michael D. Smith:

Pretty solid drawing, really nice colors, Not sure what's going on with the line on her nose at the end.

Damian Lancaster James:

stiff animation

Marjorie Hsu:

Major respect for all the mouths you drew to smoothly match the audio! The colors and compositing are very lovely and warm, and the ending scene upside down is super interesting!

Richard Adams:

....Wow..... this is incredible. Visually the best 2D entry of them all, this month.

Etienne Massot:

The first shot the render is really good
good work

Eirono San:

The nose is weird.