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Insubordinate, and Churlish

by Vincent Wang

Final Rating: 7.90. Finished 2 out of 152 entries.

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Animator: Vincent Wang

Description: An interview of a peculiar new student

Experience: 1 and a half years

Time taken: 30 hours


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The teachers movements are an odd mix of very fluid and rigid. Very nice walking and arm movement through frame 100 or so. The teacher's expressions of "eight schools" seem to suggest surprise that doesn't match the voice inflection of the dialogue.

Michael D. Smith:

Incredible. Expressions were really good. Camera angles were strong. The timing was really impactful especially with how fast she flicked away the lollipop stick. Effective stage business with her sucking on the lollipop and the adult pushing the bowl slightly away.

Damian Lancaster James:


Julian Dill:

Needs a bit of work on the lip-sync, but otherwise, I think we may have a winner here!

Etienne Massot:

I really like the first shot

Eirono San: