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that awkward opening line...

by Rik Schutte

Final Rating: 6.33. Finished 12 out of 162 entries.

330 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rik Schutte

Description: Jack sitting at the bar drinking a glass of wiskey.
He already had some drinks and asks the vague question to the girl next to him. The girl is thinking 'freak..' and walks away.
Jack doesn't notice and drinks his wiskey.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 7 days


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Sylwia Bomba:

love it!

Jacky Chen:

1st place for me....gj !


and she is leaving and she will not know it ...:)
and he will be alone in a bar .... again ...;)
however his convincing

Abhishek Banerjee:

superb work

Matt Horstman:

I was following your WIP thread on the forums. Awesome to see how much this improved from the beginning

Richard Clark:

Great job!

Ryan D Lowe:

Great work in the fingers.

Aaron Clement:

I like it. Good acting.

Thomas Edward:

Excellent! Great expression, poses and acting. There's a few frames around 180 with a strong specular highlight messing with the man's left eye, but nothing dealbreaking, just distracting. Overall exceptional.

Chad Bailey:

Awesome work! I love the acting choices! Especially finishing with the swirl of the glass and the drink. One thing you could do to improve your shot would be to fix the "cross-eyed" look your character has as he starts his line. I think part of it might have to do with the pupils being different colors, which I know you did on purpose. But perhaps easing back on their positions will compensate for that and make them not appear too crossed unintentionally! Great work!

Amartya Mukherji:

nice smooth animation. could have polished the eye animation further.
F178 to F190 the eye shining brightly is very disturbing. rectify it :p

Kyu-bo Choi:

girl's reaction is great!

Danny Kneip:

Great pick-up line! ;-) The lip sync is pretty solid, as are the fingers. The hand gestures are kept to a minimum, which is brilliant. The girl's reaction is strong, but her turning away in disgust seems an odd choice. Overall, I like this piece and think you did a great job creating it.

Arnov Mipun:

i like the girl's reaction better than the guy. so i feel like the girl's animation was very good but the guy who is speaking fell a little bit flat