Final Rating: 6.52. Finished 9 out of 162 entries.

1,346 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amartya Mukherji

Description: My first 11secondclub entry..
The Sleeping Dog finally woke up.. ha ha :)

Courtesy to Morpheus rig.
And thanks a ton to Rishi, for the help with the render.

Experience: about 5 years

Time taken: didn't calculate but, took reasonably good time for a 300 frame animation


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Felipe Molica:

Really cool. I was only bothered when the cigar went to his mouth and it seemed to me like a magnet.


The acting during the dialogue is top notch. The quick draw at the end doesn't feel as convincing for me. Maybe it's only because there is no sound for that part, but I wonder if pausing before drawing the gun would create more suspense and sell the action at the end.

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Really like it! Only critique I'd give is to maybe work more on the lip sync and to have him throw the cigar in his mouth a little later because it almost seems like he barely finished talking before he does it. Great animation overall though!

Muhammad Arsal:

looks good :)

Liviu Boar:

hey, it's christian bale!

Ranvir Singh:

Good one... Some frames Left eye ball is not looking that man....Gun fire sound?

Abhishek Banerjee:

awesome acting.....loved it....

Ryan D Lowe:

All of this is awesome. Only weak point is the lip sync hit a couple more passes to tighten shapes and a bit better flow.

Arun Murail:

nyc :)

Chad Bailey:

Great shot! Love the secondary action, it really made the character seem alive. Just add some eye darts to show the character taking in what he's looking at and I think that will put this shot over the top! Great work

Danny Kneip:

A lot of jaw action here. The opening bit and his reaction are pretty good, and believable. The sync at the end needs additional polishing ("off not" doesn't read well at all. The quick draw is good and well animated, but something is strange about the timing between the end of the dialogue and him catching the cigar in his mouth - might be the frozen hand in that moment.

Lukasz Wenc:

my favourite 3d piece this month!