Final Rating: 3.90. Finished 119 out of 162 entries.

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Animator: Sai Srikanth Charepalli

Description: She shows him, a photograph of old haunted house and wants to know more about it. He then remembers the past and thinks it is better not to reveal any details about 'the haunted house'.

Experience: Nil (student)

Time taken: 3 weeks


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The story isn't super clear, but the acting choices and animation look good!

Mike M.:

Your lips sync is a bit stiff; the mouth moves, but does not forms the sound of the words.

Jasmine Moody:

Lacks expression, story a little confusing :p

Richard Clark:

Whenever the characters turn their heads to focus somewhere else, you normally want the eyes to lead that motion. Make sure that when you character moves into a pose that they don't completely stop but rather ease into it or have a moving hold. It probably would help to add some give to the photo. Also, make sure that if one part of the rig is moving, the rest should respond are play along with that motion as well. You don't want to have it isolated. Example of this is the head sometimes moves but the body doesn't. Lip syncing needs to be more accurate.

Ryan D Lowe:

Watch those movements, and eye blinks. Break them up so they feel more organic. This overall just needs a good arc pass, and focus on the natural idea of motion. Good luck!

Aaron Clement:

Quite long. Lip sync needs work. Acting's ok.