Final Rating: 4.87. Finished 59 out of 162 entries.

26 views including the voting period.


Animator: Chris

Description: A friend offers advice from experience.

Experience: 2yrs of school

Time taken: 36hrs


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Per Cardell:

On frame 81 the chin intersects with his left clavicle. There is some good intentions and pieces of animation that works quite well, but overall it needs some more love.

Jacky Chen:

Maybe adding another character next to him will be more interesting I think....

Aaron Clement:

Good lighting. I like the acting, too!

Amartya Mukherji:

wow..!!! Nice natural EXPRESSIONS and ACTING :)
Super animation..
But why have you framed it like this? was there one more character on the screen right you forgot to render? LOL

You can reduce the left shoulder movement when he says "your..." at frame 128

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Awesome animation. I'd watch out a little for the timing of his lip sync but that's really it.

Ryan D Lowe:

You got a ton of mileage just out of this! Great stuff! Great lip sync. A bit too chatty in some places though.

Chad Bailey:

Great shot! I think the amount of head movement by your character at the end is perfect for the dialogue! I think you should ease back the amount the head moves in the beginning half though. The recoil on "Do you know" is a bit too hard, and the head move on "LIE" is a bit too fast and harsh. Also that move is 2 moves (to SL [screen left] and UP) and think it should be combined into One smooth move instead. Great work!

Danny Kneip:

Nice little bit of animation. Good sync and simple style.