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Don't ask about my business...

by Michael Atniel

Final Rating: 5.39. Finished 39 out of 162 entries.

60 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Atniel

Description: Some things are better left unsaid.

Experience: Traditional Animator learning 3D

Time taken: 4 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Erin King:

Fantastic acting in this piece! My one critique is that some of the mouth shapes are not quite right, particularly on "expression."

Vanessa Gonzalez:

I like the overall animation but the lip sync needs improvement. When he says "expression" he opens his mouth wide twice when he could be opening it only once on the "pre" of "exPREssion".

Per Cardell:

Not bad!


nice lighting i guess

Aaron Clement:

Expression feels off. Love the ending. Good moody lighting!

Amartya Mukherji:

Nice ... There is scope for improvement. timing .. work on the timing. Very nice try though

Ranvir Singh:

Very nice animation done...His left hand very uncomfortable... holding that glass...When he says "expression"...lipsing prob is there...

Ryan D Lowe:

Floaty movements are the biggest opportunity here! Tie those down! Great finger work at the end though!

Robert Holmen:

the hand flip is late.

Richard Clark:

the left hand seems to be swimming around the glass without any definitive contact. Lip sync needs improving. It pops in certain areas. Lip sync on "expression" doesn't match up.

Casey Colledge:

This is really nice subtle acting. The only part of the lip sync I would work on is the word expression. It looks a bit off to me. Also, I would like to see some kind of pose change with the characters left hand. But otherwise really well done.

Colin Davey:

The mouth work on "the expression" feels off. Otherwise the lip synch is well done.