Final Rating: 5.87. Finished 25 out of 162 entries.

133 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gero M

Description: Godfather talks with one of his guy who made ​​a mistake...

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Per Cardell:

You had me up to frame 500. The final rage is a bit unexpected and disturbing to me.

Chrissy Schneider:

animation great , lip sinc a little off


lol the end surprised me

Jacky Chen:

love the slash one.....

Sam Baker:

Nice rendering, but the lip sync isn't working, and the action is too boring.


WOW ... what a build up .... a good story & acting

Amartya Mukherji:

ha ha .. funny. :) Actions are too floaty. There is a lot of scope for improvement.


. i like this animation.. char posing are good
.Timing and expression, char attitude are very nice.
.. looking very attractive

Liviu Boar:

this would ve been awesome had the lips matched the audio

Abhishek Banerjee:

great acting

Matt Horstman:

The eating and slap were well done. Lip sync could use some work. Some sounds not matching up with his mouth shape.


slap specialist. ha! ha!

Em Harrenstein:

Not sure why that camera movement was necessary? Also don't get why he slapped the guy at the end.

Jim P:

Best eating animation I ever saw. You could have had the liquid rustle after the hit, perhaps the table could have bumped a little. great though

Ryan D Lowe:

Crazy piece, but great acting. I believe it. I think the intro/camera move doesn't work though.

Aaron Clement:

Long pause at the beginning. I don't get the slap... what's it for?


animation wise there is when he is hitting him he should make his body little forward this i felt..around frame 335 his expression should not be changed like this........same at frame 400................overall making every one laugh.refreshing animation

Richard Clark:

You don't need that camera move at the beginning. The right leg hits an abrupt stop at 452. And him slapping the guy...that's harsh dude.


seems slow here and there but i loled at the end :D


Brilliant character's play. But it seems for me that your villain is not so cruel, for his face remains almost kind during all the clip, especially his eyes. Super great chewing!

Andréanne Milette:

Really nice! The disgust expression is nicely captured at the start when he take a bite. But I feel like you could have accentuate it on the word lie. He kinda look emphatic at that moment and the character doesn't feel like he could have empathy.

Danny Kneip:

If you just edit this down to the audio clip, the animation is not that great because the lip sync is weak. Everything outside of the audio clip is actually quite good, bordering on great. Seems the lip sync was overlooked - a real pity.


the Best one is this month ... you got full stars