Final Rating: 5.21. Finished 49 out of 162 entries.

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Animator: Patrick Bricarell

Description: Caught carrying out a coffin, he cautions his roommate that he doesn't need to know!

Experience: Taking classes

Time taken: 2 weeks


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great stuff! :)
you could change his pulling-pose at the end, because it's exactly the same like frome the beginning (like a default pose).

Aaron Clement:

Love the idea. Great ending!

Abhishek Banerjee:

good work

Richard Clark:

That gyrating movement that the guy on the couch does from 21-32 is strange. It looks unnatural or too animated to be believable. I would try something else there. There are moments where the coffin guy's motion hits a wall. I would finesse those areas.

Ryan D Lowe:

Love the texture/timing across here. Solid work!


Nice job ..But you can add more movement to the character siting... then it will be more attractive.

Amartya Mukherji:

:D interesting