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Threatening bald guy

by Liviu Boar

Final Rating: 4.64. Finished 76 out of 162 entries.

49 views including the voting period.


Animator: Liviu Boar

Description: Here's a bald guy acting all threatening gangster. I would've put more effort into the line not boiling, but when do we ever have time to really get things right? Had fun with it, nevertheless.

Experience: I've dabbled for about 6 years, took it more seriously for the last 2

Time taken: Around 30 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Ryan D Lowe:

The draft man ship here is strong, but your ability to stay on model is a great opportunity. I feel his acting on "let sleeping dogs" doesn't need a head turn/arc on each beat. This needs more holds on poses. Thats the biggest opportunity!

Aaron Clement:

Good. I like it!

Marcel Junges:

good interpolation, congrats... but i just feel that everything is moving on the same speed, without slow in/out. try to get better on it.

Muhammad Arsal:


Vanessa Gonzalez:

I think it's a good, fluid animation, however all of his body, especially his head, was moving constantly and at the same speed throughout the entire animation. I would add holds when he pauses, and maybe accentuate his movements during the louder or higher pitches of the audio.

Danny Kneip:

Really nice animation overall. I notice between F185 and 189, his sleeve bunches up just as the fingers open - seems an unlikely thing to happen, in my opinion. Additionally, I don't understand the point of the napkin following, as your character isn't watching it fall, so why should the audience? It is nicely done, I just question the motivation.

Colin Davey:

There needs to be more time at rest in between the movement for this one. He jumps from one pose to the next at an even speed. Try having him get to his poses quick and having a slower settle. Play with the timing between movement to emphasize your poses more.