Final Rating: 5.27. Finished 44 out of 162 entries.

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Animator: Per Cardell

Description: "The question struck my very core. Pain instantly flooded my prison cell pouring out through the barred window. She was long gone..."

Experience: 10 years as a 3D-Generalist.

Time taken: With premade rigs this piece took the better part of the month.


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ok, the animation in this might need some work but the presentation

Aaron Clement:

Wow, hyper real. Whoa, creepy. One of the better ones.


Woah woah woah!! This is great! Would like to know how much time did it took to do this. Kind of unique approach

Krish Raghav:

Awesome realistic animation dude.... The whole scene looks complete... But the only thing is the lady at the back doesnt sync with the male... amazing character selection and lip sync is tooooo awesome.... Whats the name of the character???? I need it....

Jasmine Moody:

Great render. Nice expression in the man's face. The woman's facial expressions were a little off however.

Abhishek Banerjee:


Vanessa Gonzalez:

Pretty good except for the lip sync, I think you need to work on the timing for the first half. Also the woman's expression seems kind of neutral to me, I think it's the eyes and eyebrows.

Ryan D Lowe:

This is great. And creepy. The lip sync needs more focus though. A lot of your transitions between shapes are too even. Good work on the render, it's one of the last things I look at but this one is strong for sure. Got skillz sir.

Monty Mink:

remove that

Amartya Mukherji:

wow.. what an output. is this genesis rig?
timing seems to be floaty

Timothy David Perry:


Casey Colledge:

Wow, those are some cool rigs! Love the tear effect too. Cool piece!

Danny Kneip:

Really weird stuff.

Colin Davey:

I think a little more love could have been put into the woman's animation.