Final Rating: 5.88. Finished 24 out of 162 entries.

132 views including the voting period.


Animator: pluto

Description: case of unseen rivalry

Experience: 5

Time taken: 1 week


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Aaron Clement:

Very good. I loved everything about this except the head nod at the beginning... felt off from the audio. Create job... especially on the creativity and subtext!


like the dark executor (whatever you call him) moves
I think you run out of time or concept for the prisoner....shame... smart camera shots


nice work

Abhishek Banerjee:

nice work


must be in top 10. I wish. very simple yet very appealing.

Ryan D Lowe:

Crazy take on the audio. Great use of power here. I feel S-man's pull away should be much less. Just a quick push away with his head only. I mean come on, he's S-man!

Jim P:

I'm not too familiar with real story of batman. Is this real? very cool.

Amartya Mukherji:

very good concept and good staging.
few suggestions :
At the beginning of the dialogue, punches are not matching the animation hits. Sync it well
The cam movement is not that meaningful, i felt.
The pelvis movement while batman is sitting is unnatural. You can make it proper.
Overall very nicely done. liked it. cheers :)

Danny Kneip:

Really nice weight in this - a believable squat and stand. The lip sync looks mostly good, maybe timing is off just a tad in the beginning. At F149, Superman has turned away, but Batman hasn't changed his head position - I think that's a misstep. He may have changed his gaze, but we can't see that. Moving his head really shows he's needling Superman and would have made it a stronger performance. I also wonder if Superman shouldn't turn his head away once the dialogue is done and we see his profile in that shot, as opposed to the back of his head. This is still impressive work.

Casey Colledge:

Pretty good. My only critique would be that the first camera angle is a bit frustrating for me. Everything is centered and I don't know what to focus on. Other than that it was pretty good.

Ruud Harbers:

Great body mechanics! Think that the lip sync in the first part could be improved a little.