Final Rating: 6.53. Finished 8 out of 162 entries.

823 views including the voting period.


Animator: David Rubio Colomer

Description: A nanny dog is disturbed while sleeping...

Experience: 3 ½ years

Time taken: two weeks


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Per Cardell:

Charming. A bit snappy here and there but also some good stuff. Include more of the dog than the head and the neck and it will sky rocket!

Vanessa Gonzalez:

Really like the idea!

Ryan D Lowe:

Great spin on this! Fantastic work with such simple movement. LOVE the eye work for the though process. "expression" is a hard mouth shape to hit. you nailed it! LOVE the "your..." pose. Good stuff! Love it. I'm sure this will do very well. Well done!


very nice

Jasmine Moody:

YES! Finally dog animation :D I was going to do the same thing for this competition but ran out of time. Lovely work. Good lip sync and acting.

Matt Horstman:

You get extra stars for the double take at the end.

Aaron Clement:

Love the snappy timing. Good acting, too.

Amartya Mukherji:

ha ha ha very funny.. :D
good use of the dialogue.. too good animation.
you could have added slight breathing or very subtle movements in the body which is very stiff now.

top ten for sure. :)

Richard Clark: this one!

Chad Bailey:

Great concept! I wish I had come up with something as creative as this! Love the emphasis you put on the head for "off". It would be great to see a bit of drift down on the head, as he comes out of "lie",,, That would add perfect touch of keep alive & ease out. Great work!

Andréanne Milette:

Great work! I really love the way you emphasized the words lie and better with the head movement.

Danny Kneip:

Really love this bit of animation. The lip sync is solid and the zipping of his eyes back and forth around the last line are really great! Among my favorite entries.