Final Rating: 4.42. Finished 89 out of 162 entries.

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Animator: srinivas

Description: Husband feels that his wife hiding some secret from him that will causes trouble her.

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 1 week ,


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i do like the push himself movement but the overall need refining

Ryan D Lowe:

The shaking finger is very cliche' but the rolling on the chair for the busy work I think sells this well.

Aaron Clement:

A bit cliche at the end. Love the push in with the chair, tho.


this bloke movements are much better than hers (too slow even for slow music) ... btw ... why he is even talking to her ... What's the story here ?

Yue Yuan:

what you want to show ?

Jasmine Moody:

Smooth movement. I feel the acting doesn't fit the audio as much as it should. His eyes look slanted like he suddenly turned Asian at 95. You should have lowered his eyebrows to make him look annoyed instead..?


Wow! Great acting, nice poses, well done, well animated.

Amartya Mukherji:

could have been better

Richard Clark:

Try to avoid too much "body waves" in your piece. It's fine when he leans back in his chair but I wouldn't use it on the first "your"