Final Rating: 4.88. Finished 58 out of 162 entries.

40 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Mavromatis

Description: Just Spy giving a friendly advice to a fellow friend.

Experience: Second year of studying at university

Time taken: 2-3 days in total


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Per Cardell:

Don't really get the framing of the shots. Pretty ok animation.

Ryan D Lowe:

Solid piece. A bit simple, but even with the masks it reads well. I really don't like the choice of pulling the cigarette out of his mouth though. You're not staging that as well as you could be.

Aaron Clement:

Good staging. Not sure about the last camera shot. Has the clock got something to do with this?... good creativity.


you built a quite a scene here

Abhishek Banerjee:

great work

Richard Clark:

If your going to use the cigarette and it's smoke, I would get a better silhouette on it for the first shot. His shoulder looks really odd on the last shot. I would rotate that forward. From 114-121; the masked character's left arm hyper-extends. On "better off not knowing" is too chattery on the lip sync.

Thomas Edward:

Nice animation, but take care with your camera moves. Have a look around for the 180 rule and perhaps limit your camera changes. This'll help focus on your character animation!

Danny Kneip:

I forgive your jumping over the line of action at F74 because the style perhaps warrants it, and I like the style and composition very much. Hard to tell if there's a continuity issue between F157 and F158 with the character's pose, but that's just being nitpicky. The lip sync is good, as is the work with the cigarette. The shoulder shrug at the end is perhaps unnecessary, as there's already one earlier in the piece. Good job.