Final Rating: 5.36. Finished 41 out of 162 entries.

74 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anton Chistiakov

Description: After a good a dinner it's time to pay

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Vanessa Gonzalez:

Ok first of all, I LOVE the girl's first expression when she looks at the bill. I also like the rest of the animation and the story. The only feedback I'd give is that the lip sync could use just a little bit of work on "...know the expression...", it looks as if he's pronouncing an "f" somewhere that isn't there (maybe you thought he said "Do you know OF the expression..."). Secondly, when he says "...better off not knowing" I feel like he needs to close his mouth a bit when he pronounces the "t" and "n". And lastly--maybe this is just me nitpicking--I don't see how the meaning of what he's saying fits in this scenario. But that's really all, the animation itself is great!

Per Cardell:

Nice idea. Need a little poish on pacing and posing.

Aaron Clement:

Great. Love the creativity and acting choices! Maybe a little more cushion in places... seem to lock in places... otherwise, i really liked this.

Marcel Junges:

great idea!

Muhammad Arsal:

hahah nice :) like it

Ryan D Lowe:

Your biggest opportunity is spacing. Tie down the curves to avoid a lot of the floaty motions.

Amartya Mukherji:

funny, ran out of money :)


I guess this is my favorite. it's really appealing! :)
great facial animation!
just a little note: from f114 his right hand doesn't move at all.


The very obvious mistake you did was when he takes out his wallet, his hand stays pretty much still. Also, when "Do you know the expr..." his hand stays in air then suddenly drops down onto the table. A little moving hold, thats all has to b worked on.

Danny Kneip:

Amusing concept. But did he just throw his wallet away?? Seems unmotivated. I love the check being presented on a tray, and the diners reactions are really great. the lip sync is fairly strong, but the arm wave on "let sleeping dogs lie" seems a strange choice. Overall, I enjoyed this.

Sylwia Bomba:

cool rendering!