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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

by Matt Horstman

Final Rating: 5.23. Finished 48 out of 162 entries.

112 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt Horstman

Description: My first submission to the 11 Second Club! Animated using Source Filmmaker. Model used is the Enhanced Soldier by Maxxy.

Went for kind of a subtle expression rather than the hyperactive cartoon look. I see a lot of those and I hope I'm not out of place.

Experience: A good few years of education

Time taken: 8 hours or so


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Per Cardell:

Hmm. Pretty good. Try to make the body moves better timed and not so floaty and this would make it even closer to the top!

Yue Yuan:


Benjamin Berg:

Looking good! A little more work and this could be a fantastic piece.

The things you need to work on now are the hands, eyebrows, and paths.

1. For the hands, I would polish them more so that they have more movement and have a clearer silhouette.
2. The eyebrows movements are not noticeable enough. I would push the poses more.
3. Back to the hands, I would also look at the paths that they take. The hands take very straight and even paths. I would add more acceleration/deceleration and put a curve on the path that they take.

Aaron Clement:

Nice setting... this one has a lot of potential. Maybe a little floaty at times... just needs more texture in the timing... everything is moving at the same timing/pacing.

Sam Baker:

Too many hand gestures.. maybe give him something to hold or do aside from just standing there. I like the motion though. Keep it up!

Krish Raghav:

Nice eye ball movements.... Nice Character selection... But in the start n end poses the upper body mesh near armpit gets collapsed... Make a note of it.... Could u pls lemme know where u got d character from... Can u gimme d link to download....

Ryan D Lowe:

Love the acting choices here. Very subtle and strong. Don't think the camera move is necessary however!

Mohammad Rasool Rahimi:

I think this one is the best and it should win.

Amartya Mukherji:

very good. felt like camera movement was too much

Richard Clark:

Pretty decent. His body posture looks a little strange at the beginning and the end.


That free-hand camera feel!