Final Rating: 3.88. Finished 121 out of 162 entries.

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Animator: 伟伦

Description: An angry person is scolding

Experience: 1-2 years

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Aaron Clement:

A bit cliche. Nice beginning, though.

Ryan D Lowe:

Hi there.
When I was first starting out, no one ever
took the time to say anything on my shots.

I can't give you constructive feedback here,
as your work seems to lack an overall
understanding of the principles of animation.

However, I emplore you to seek out these
books, and began your studies.

"Character Animation Crash Course"-Eric Goldberg
"Acting for Animators"- Revised Edition
"How to Cheat in Maya 2012/2014"-Lutha Roy

There are many more, but these will get you
started. Best of luck on your journey!

Richard Clark:

Avoid staging your scene straight towards camera with a flat table in front. Makes the scene very flat. This whole motion with his left arm from 0-88 looks disjointed. I would keep your hand and elbow more unified in it's movement....and this pointing movement you got with the forarm completely perpendicular to the table is strange as well. Try doing that yourself. Does it feel natural? 139-145; the right elbow is moving too much around. It should be one movement to lead the hand up. The last motion of the right arm looks like an afterthought...try refining that better. Maybe some delayed motion on the hand once the wrist comes down, then the fingers after that and then some settle motion. Certain areas look floaty as well. Work on your timing.

Amartya Mukherji:

Needs a lot of improvement. Try manage your graph editor well.

Danny Kneip:

Mostly over-animated.