Final Rating: 6.92. Finished 3 out of 162 entries.

61,539 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gabriel Garcia Poignet

Description: The day after an office party, some people due to their hangover are particularly in a bad mood...

Experience: 9 years

Time taken: 15 days


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Per Cardell:

I wonder why she wanted to come to that party?


The concept here is great. The man's acting as he starts pretending to work is very convincing. I love how that supports the concept of him as a disgruntled employee who has outbursts. All the characters seem to be thinking and reacting convincingly according to their character/role. Really nicely done!

Celia Bullwinkel:

Awesome rigs!

David Vann:

Love it... the funniest and most creative take on the audio clip by a mile and you know that something is up by the characters body language before the second character is even seen. And the person in the background.. amazing. Only thing I can notice that may improve it slightly would be by adding a tiny bit more subtle movement in the pauses between poses. Great Job!!


great one!

Aaron Clement:

Nice acting/timing. I like it!

Anurag Sahu:

nice...... decent animation

Ryan D Lowe:

This is terrific work. The lip sync would be the only critique I have here. Great work!

Amartya Mukherji:

awesome expressions and acting.. the reaction of the girl is so nice.

Richard Clark:

Some good stuff in here... From 43-59; his right hand is locked onto one position. You should add some subtle secondary motion there. His body hits a wall at frame 61. I would work on your follow-through here. The girls pose at 151 could be a little better. I would just have her left hand down to her side instead and relate it to your line of action. I love the lean in when he says "lie." Nice job there! I don't think you need to crumble the paper at the end. It's too distracting. It looks like a mistake. Overall, I think you should continue to refine the smaller stuff like finger motions and follow-throughs. Sometimes I see things just going from pose to pose. Try to avoid that.

J.K. Riki:

Really nicely done! Good movements, good poses, nice little story. The only thing that bugs me a lot is there's no sound to go along with him snatching the paper from the girl. I'd go back and add that in if you want to put this in a reel or something, because it's missing that SFX. Obviously you can't add things to the 11 Second Club entries, but you can alter it afterward if you want! I think it would add a ton to this if it had a corresponding sound effect. Nice work!

Danny Kneip:

Nice character performances. The lip sync seems weak in areas, but overall, a memorable piece.