Final Rating: 3.88. Finished 73 out of 138 entries.

343 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dui Oray

Description: an untimely visit to the hospital to read his client's letter

Experience: 2 years as a student in 3D

Time taken: about 40 hours


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Lia Rothschild:

Needs some broader gestures!

Pauline Champetier:

Some nice touches in the hand gestures ! However in my opinion he doesn't look very in the middle of a thinking process, he seems to be reading the article and saying a line written on it.

Gayle Yeier:

I love her subtle actions in relation to his. Both characters are activated. I feel like there could be some more upper body movement with the ups and downs in the actors voice. Otherwise this is nicely animated, and nice staging.

Hailee Pullman:

Great acting and animation.

Carolyn Mennecke:

Have the man look at the woman more often - it looks like he's reading a manuscript instead of emphasizing the article Jimmy found. Also, the woman doesn't look understanding when she says "I understand." Have the expression match the dialogue!