Final Rating: 5.20. Finished 26 out of 138 entries.

554 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vincent Donaz

Description: A boss firing an employee

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: About 5 days


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Steven GUardado:

the only thing I would say here is, that his expression is a little too happy considering the stern-ness of the dialogue. animation wise, good job on the eye movement.

Dalton Krajewski:

The eye-tracking was very realistically done and the drag on the fingers was beautifully executed. I feel like all this needs is some more varied poses and the inclusion of a second character to vary it up a bit, but this was handled very well!

Hailee Pullman:

Great animation and acting


Pretty solid gesturework but if I may say, it needs a little more energy and he blinks too much, but it's still pretty good.

Charity Santos:

I really appreciate that part when he was scanning through the article before he said 'enabling' nice job :)