Final Rating: 4.79. Finished 42 out of 138 entries.

976 views including the voting period.


Animator: Eric Raffle

Description: the story is all about the girl flower who has an emotional handicap as she removes other flowers petals off

Experience: not much

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Pauline Champetier:

Cool concept ! Even though the fact that you incorporated the backstory makes it more interesting in a way, making her pull off the petals all along is a bit too many informations for one shot. We loose a bit the focus.

Dalton Krajewski:

Very cute idea! The secondary motion on the petals was hypnotizing.

Carolyn Mennecke:

The bees flying through and the fact that the purple flower is picking petals off the flowers don't make much sense. But the facial expressions are good!

Diana Kosianka:

The set-up and punchline for this one is very good.