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Who are you talking to?

by Oscar Holyoake

Final Rating: 3.23. Finished 104 out of 138 entries.

323 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oscar Holyoake

Description: Crazy man has a conversation with... no one?

Experience: 1.5 years

Time taken: About a week here and there


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Dalton Krajewski:

The timing of the lip-syncing was spot-on! The mouth seemed to move too separately from the rest of the face at points, but the story was told excellently and made me laugh at the end!

Harishankar Thiyagarajan:

Lipsyn is fine. The hands are tied for him so does for you too for animating the hand and body movements. Focus on poses more. Creepy look at the end - lol.