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Trixxie's in a Fixxie

by Gayle Yeier

Final Rating: 3.37. Finished 102 out of 138 entries.

333 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gayle Yeier

Description: Heavy won't tolerate Trixxie's Bathroom Obsessions anymore.

Experience: 0

Time taken: 3 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nathan Younger:

great movement

Eric Raffle:

your staging was off and you need better camera angles and also you needed to move the camera so his head doesn't get chopped off, other then that it was readable.

Dalton Krajewski:

The actions seem a bit poppy--the mouth especially, which I think is because it seems to hit every letter instead of every syllable. Slurring a few of those poses together and making sure the body's actions have more follow-through to them would make this feel a lot more organic, but overall this is a very good concept that was well done!

Gayle Yeier:

I see several issues already, including the hand's not locking down on the weapon, the sense of weight isn't as believable as it could be, and there are several pops in both of their movements. Other comments are awesomely appreciated.

Diana Kosianka:

Well, I didn't expect Heavy from TF2 to be here...