Final Rating: 2.49. Finished 127 out of 138 entries.

345 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nathan Younger

Description: Its for the birds!

Experience: 3rd year school

Time taken: 16 hours


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Dalton Krajewski:

I liked the idea and the presentation but the animation is really jumpy and poppy throughout. Using fewer keyframes and allowing the characters to transition more smoothly from pose-to-pose will really improve the organic feeling of the motions. I think there's just too much that's trying to happen in eleven seconds. Cutting out a few of the motions would improve the pacing greatly. I think the actions and the poses are all there--it's just the timing and transitions that need improvement. Overall this piece has a lot of great potential! :)

Hailee Pullman:

Decent animation but I feel like the bird is too distracting and doesn't add anything to the story. Keep up the hard work!

Giovanni Rotta:

kkkkkkkkkk, crazy man