Final Rating: 5.19. Finished 27 out of 138 entries.

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Animator: Steven GUardado

Description: When the boss of a female rat is informed about the health issue of eating too much cheese; he finds a mindless reason to to soon fire her. Yet she's the one whos been stressing him; he needs to loose weight.

Experience: as a 2d animator, almost 2 years.

Time taken: 2 weeks pre-production, 1 week animating, 1 week clean-up.


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Steven GUardado:

\ (O , O) /

Dalton Krajewski:

This is a very cute idea that's been presented very well! I feel like some of the mouth keys could have been better timed with the dialog and some of the tempo could have been varied to make the motions seem more dynamic, but overall this is very nicely done! :)

Tyson Haeh:

Could be improved with more inbetweens

Pauline Champetier:

Interesting entry, even though you have too many shots and it makes it a bit confusing.

Amartya Mukherji:

Good concept and story. nice animation as well