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California Raisin's Biggest Fan

by Crissie and Jess Z

Final Rating: 3.54. Finished 89 out of 138 entries.

389 views including the voting period.


Animator: Crissie and Jess Z

Description: A concerned boss believes that one of his nugget employees has an unhealthy obsession with California Raisins and would like to bring it to her attention...very gently.

Experience: 30 months

Time taken: 1 day


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nathan Younger:

to much stuff moving in the background

Hailee Pullman:

I love stop motion and the raisins! But be careful with animating too much, tell your audience where to look. With this, I had no idea where to look and where not to look. But I love, absolutely love stop motion. It is what I am studying right now! Keep it up!

Michal Shukrun:

Not only it's a cool idea for animation now I want to eat the animation!!!!!!
oh nuggets...


Ok that was random.... why is the shelf moving so much?¿

Carolyn Mennecke:

Cute idea with the stop-motion! But the raisin guy at the end is sort of random