Final Rating: 4.73. Finished 40 out of 100 entries.

498 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sarathbabu A S

Description: In a class room, a funny student explaining, Human Evolution, that which he does not know. & he explaining, his own way, He say's that everything is come from an Infinity chicken.

Experience: Few years

Time taken: 12 days


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Justin H:

The blocking and poses are great as well is the gold character's footwork from 210 to 258. The purple character's facial expressions overall seemed a bit underdeveloped to me. It seems like the Gold really got most of the love.

Jerrold Chong Yuan Pei:

The mimic-ing poses are interesting, maybe you could focus more / emphasize on those poses for comic effect and simplify the rest? The eye contact between between both characters is also abit forced.

Richard Carrillo Barrios:

hahahahah veryyy funny!
Really nice and original idea. #1 for me.
"we have a chicken" hahah really made me laugh. GJ

Sabrina Winkel:

She's not even making eye contact!!!