Final Rating: 6.41. Finished 13 out of 120 entries.

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Animator: Dani Calleja

Description: The pianist is focused on the music he plays but sadly for him, the Singer is too passionate when singing.

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 1 hour a day, 28 days.


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Taylor Cole:

Best animation of the eleven rig that I've ever seen, so far.

Carlos Guadarrama:

It's got great poses but the high frame rate throws me off

Vera Steinbeck:

haha poor piano player:D

Tony D'Aurio:

Poor Pianist haha. Very nice!

Ian Schneider:

My favorite so far!


Funny style!

Matias Cifuentes:

Funny idea!

Canadian Wolf:

Hahaha made me laugh a lot

Barbara Laub:

I love this-the piano player sticking his tongue out after being strangled is priceless! All the facial is really great- Nice!!!