Final Rating: 2.94. Finished 99 out of 120 entries.

553 views including the voting period.


Animator: Can Berk Özden

Description: There is a disrespectful attitude towards art in the world. In this animation, this disrespectful commitment is made with dedication. Respect for art.

Experience: 2 years.

Time taken: 3 days make it animation.


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Taylor Cole:

Head moves way to much to the point it looks like jello.

Vera Steinbeck:

what is going on with his forehead region?

Trevor Merrow:

The head is too flexible. Maybe ease up on the squash and stretch.


The wobble in the head is funny but thats all...

John Yang:

that head bounce....

Ruben Uggla:

Pretty good: I do however feel that the forehead moves way too much, even to the point were it was distracting.

John McSwiggin:

Is his head full of Jello?

Brian W.:

I like his bouncy, squishy brain


Is his skull is made of rubber? That bounce doesn't work and the way he raises his hands and slams them onto the keys is too fast/not natural. You've got the setup, but the animation definitely needs work.


That's a very wobbly face. i think it could of worked had it been more subtle