Final Rating: 5.84. Finished 25 out of 120 entries.

804 views including the voting period.


Animator: 刘伟

Description: The wife has an affair, two people both are killed.

Experience: 3

Time taken: 21


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Ioana Cocis:

A bit exagerated but great job!

wahler Judith:

Good technic, but too much poses I think , so your rythm lacks efficiency and we don't have the time to read some of your good poses :), especially at the end.

Kevin McCullough:

Too many poses, overacted

Brenda Casillas R:

Looks good a lot of snappy movements but he also looks like he is moving a lot without having a purpose to be doing so. He is dancing plus telling a story and suddenly jumping. I think you can connect every movement better. I like how he is talking to the corpse, but I don;t get why he is touching his foot in "immigrant", maybe in the "bottom" could be a better option.