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Ocean man sighting

by Dan Boot

Final Rating: 5.52. Finished 31 out of 120 entries.

794 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dan Boot

Description: A reporter ties to hype the local towns people of a mysteries sea monster lurking in the harbour.

Experience: 3 years study of Illustration and animation

Time taken: Nearly 4 weeks


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Brian W.:

This has a lot going for it. I love the artwork, animation, and character stylization.

However, I find the story incomprehensible. I have no idea what that is next to the piano at the end. And the composited crab (which, I guess, turned out not to be a hoax?) is a severe jolt that interrupts an otherwise exquisitely timed piece.

But it's an animation competition, so high marks from me. Please keep it up.