Final Rating: 6.93. Finished 6 out of 120 entries.

3,702 views including the voting period.


Animator: aravind kp

Description: SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT THEM .....

Experience: 2 AND A HALF

Time taken: AROUND 20 DAYS


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Animation is good but you want to say so much in a very short amount of time !
I don't understand the end between what he said and what he does or whant to do ...


aline coming from the bottom, lol!

Brian W.:

Wow, you put a lot of work into this, and it shows. Great story, great atmosphere, wonderful camera movement. The animation is actually the worst thing about it, and that's still really good.

Jithu Krishnan:

superb work

Peyman Bodaghi:

Good :)


Animation is great, the story is... interesting? It didn't fully make sense to me, but yeah, animation wise you did a good job.

Kevin McCullough:

nice work, very fluid and cartoony, nice acting choices, personally I'd prefer if it just stuck with the one character and you didn't cut away for the aliens