Final Rating: 5.56. Finished 13 out of 53 entries.

20,154 views including the voting period.


Animator: John Toland

Description: You don't think Money or career is a metric of success - SHE MUST BE CRAZY

Experience: 2

Time taken: 13 hours


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Craig Martin:

Really good scene. Love the concept. All the acting choices match the environment and characters well. The acting is great. The mother adjusting herself in the chair is well timed and has great weight evident.


Very nice animation but try and move the heads and mouths less

Fredrik Larsson:

The woman in the chair is really good, looks lively and energetic. The pose shifts look really good too. She might be a bit tweeked up though. Technically your animation is really very good. Storywise this just does not feel like it is adding up though, the conversation does not feel like such a dramatic one, but shes curled up in the corner with padded walls? Is she locked up? I get you might wanted something different, it is just that it feels like it does not gel, at least without context. Animation is very good though and the fact that you got in some secondary motion like adjusting the pose is really nice and looks solid.

Dylan Love:

Nice weight shift!