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Metric of success

by Largav

Final Rating: 3.35. Finished 42 out of 53 entries.

2,087 views including the voting period.


Animator: Largav

Description: SFM animation using Half-Life 2 characters.
I think I spent a little too much time blocking so I didn't have much time polishing it.

Experience: Few months

Time taken: little over a week


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

John M:

The poor lighting makes it hard to see the animation

James Choi:

Too dark, I can't see anything.

Richard Adams:

Way too dim to see.

Craig Martin:

The setting is good. The environment matches the characters well. The acting is a bit wooden. Its hard to feel the weight of the characters.


I would give this more stars if the lighting improved. You can't even see their faces

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Very amazing rendering and concept, realistic. However, in my humble opinion, the animation can still be improved in terms of timing and arcs. Thanks.

Jonny Strutt:

I couldn't rate this higher just due to the lighting, if it's hard to see the animation it's harder to judge it.


Would have liked a brighter render to see the character performance more clearly.