Final Rating: 3.07. Finished 46 out of 53 entries.

1,084 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ben

Description: Smil-Es are at it again!

Experience: amateur

Time taken: 1 month


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it's a good idea but you don't play the game like everyone without lipsynch.

John M:

Talk to the hand . Lol

Heba S:

This really doesn't work for the competition.


Needs work dude.




I think the opening shot should show both characters at once to introduce the scene

Fredrik Larsson:

It feels pretty cheap to disregard the audio completely. While the animation has some bright spots, this does not convey any emotion or character and I'm sorry to say, it feels irrelevant to the competition.

Abhishek tiwari:

I like the concept. kind of a mystery. but you can't get away with it like this. It gave me a smile. So I would consider it as a good animation. but it do needs some work..


I'm guessing the audio is supposed to come from the TV, but I don't think this reversal work. You're basically not using the audio at all.