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mother and daughter talking

by Lucas

Final Rating: 4.47. Finished 29 out of 53 entries.

31,973 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lucas

Description: i just started learning animation by watching videos on youtube and i dont have much time for pratice. but i am not afraid of critcs. im all ears.

Experience: None.Just started learning.

Time taken: over 20h


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Lip sync is off. And the arms on "your future" looks like she's being sassy... it doesn't make sense

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Needs some hold poses to establish the beat of the animation.

Nidhi shah:

Basic idea...lot of scope for improvement animation and idea both wise


I like it. Could use more exaggerated expressions though.

Jonny Strutt:

'and you're future' made be laugh with the acting, although I couldn't tell if that was intentional.


Apart from the head-jerk at around 130, the body language is alright. The lipsync however needs revising, it's all over the place.