Final Rating: 4.47. Finished 29 out of 53 entries.

1,001 views including the voting period.


Animator: Catherine Mullenger

Description: Some attempts at communication between colleagues.

Experience: 2 Years or so self teaching

Time taken: On and off about 15 days (I changed my mind a lot)


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Love the character models and the story is nice. But at first it was hard to tell which character was speaking. So i would recommend having less movement from the character not talking

Yumeng Mortensen:

It will be nice have some facial animation there but I can see the concept of it, just need more smooth out of the actions.

Elisabeth Janerka:

Quite hard to see who's who, in terms of who's talking in the beginning. Also, it's very hard to tell what the character in the foreground is doing


Abigail is disturbing the eyes/camera in beginning.