Final Rating: 5.87. Finished 9 out of 53 entries.

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Animator: Erick Mota

Description: I imagined a mother lecturing her daughter.

Pretty creative huh?

Experience: Some years

Time taken: 5 Days


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Love the acting! lip sync needs work... like most of these animations do

Yumeng Mortensen:

I like the girl's action (especially her hairs, good job on that) but I think the woman ( on the right) has been moved left and right ('C' shape) too much (spine I mean), maybe would be better to reduce that. Like the girl's facial, good job overall!

Paola Abril:

The body acting is awesome, but the lipsync could improve a lot, because there are mouth sahpes that doesn't match the dialong, there are too many, try simplyfing and favouring some sounds, by pphrasing the dialog and not saying every word cause it get's hard to read... other than that the acting is cool!keep it up!

Fredrik Larsson:

Really fantastic job. The Mom is just 100% prefect.
Daughter is fantastic too but it feels like maybe she didn't get the same attention. When she sighs right before she speaks I like she should have relaxed her shoulders a bit more. That is all, other wise, absolutely nailed it. Great work. Also, really brave to keep both characters in frame for the entire shot. Bonus points for that.