Final Rating: 6.94. Finished 5 out of 53 entries.

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Animator: S.G

Description: Advice From A Mother To A Daughter About Marriage.

Experience: 5

Time taken: 1 week


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C h o c o b i l l y :

Great concept.


Very nice! Feels very smooth and natural.

Craig Martin:

Love the wedding like story background. Nice poses and acting choices. The way Abigail feels like shes talking internally and then externally is good acting I feel. The first talker was great too but it felt like her poses where off the beat by a few frames.

Yumeng Mortensen:

I like your acting choices and the polish of the actions! Love the facials for both. Only thing I felt need to adjust is that maybe a little bit too much of head squash and stretch.


Love the staging and all of it is good except I think the hand move to her chest to soon and should rest there on “me”.


Nice clean animation.. Winner


Beautiful! please can you tell me name of the rig?

Fredrik Larsson:

Solid fundamentals, great interpretation of the audio clip. Unsure about the squash and stretch on Abigales head, maybe she could have been exaggerated in other ways. Maybe put some more teenage angst in to her movements and expressions.
Love the mom though, very good work.


I liked the colour variation, great job.


Difficult audio, but nicely executed...My money is on this one

Dylan Love:

Nice job on the bed jiggle!

Miquel Avella:

where are these rigs fom?