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Therapy With the Devil


Final Rating: 5.07. Finished 22 out of 51 entries.

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Description: Trudy the therapist has an interesting session with a client that's not what she seems.

Experience: Not much

Time taken: 1 week, on and off


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Jonathan Fontaine:

Haha, i love it.. really funny

Gaucelm De Villaret:

A neat/fun design, though feels too limited in animation.

Frans Sjoberg:

Awesome ending :)

Kyra Simone:

Nice expressions, especially for simple puppets. Go bolder next time! More poses! Maybe even squash something! It's ok for its limitations but with puppets you really have to stretch your assets.

Yue Yuan:

nice bro

Shauna Ludgate:

Good concept! Like the direction, the animator took this in. And love the style.