Final Rating: 6.85. Finished 5 out of 51 entries.

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Animator: Jorge Femenía

Description: Horse confesses her problems to her elven companion.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: Sundays and some spare days during the week


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Gaucelm De Villaret:

That's a fun idea! They have great subtle credible expressions.

Jonathan Fontaine:

Good ! the unicorn tatoo adds some backstory to this horse.. They really look like they are on a journey together and know each other well. The apple is a nice touch ! ( not sure why she decide to toss it in the end but she does it in a nice way )
Not sure about the red flash in the horse eyes.. seems a bit unnecessary.
Overall the acting is really convincing .. good job !!!

Richard Adams:

Unique, fun idea, superbly executed! :) Truly nicely animated. My vote for Top 5 entry.

Poppy Marlow:

Great secondary movement!

Frans Sjoberg:

I like the horse!

Kyra Simone:

Real nice expressions! Work on snappier timing... seems floaty.

Yue Yuan:

good good good , important things say three times