Final Rating: 4.51. Finished 63 out of 87 entries.

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Animator: Rahul Sonar

Description: Hi there, this is my first Animation contest, would request to give me some feedbacks to get better... Here, In this shot I've tried considering the personality and the feeling of the character which has the subject, "recall". Thankyou...

Experience: 6 months as a layout artist

Time taken: 1 week


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Nathaniel Vaughan:

Audio cuts off a little at the end. The actual syncing is good though.


the overall animation is good but you should focus on less key actions. at the moment each word get his big moovement.

Ben Zingo:

the individual poses are strong... but they seem overdramatic/literal choices made by an animator, rather than movements the character would actually make (if that makes sense). The timing is also a bit jumpy, and could benefit from more anticipation, overshoot, etc.

Ryan Williams:

Timing and posing are great. Staging could be adjusted to not lose his hand gestures outside of the frame.


an interesting and good work maybe need a little more work on the acting but still good

Lia Rothschild:

Acting doesn't match with tone at all, ok animation but poor acting